THE 2ND MelaTX WORKSHOP – Seville in June 6-8, 2018

UPC participated in the Second MelaTX workshop held in Seville in June 6-8, 2018.

UNIVERSITAT POLITÈCNICA DE CATALUNYA (UPC) developed together with surgeons of Hospital Virgen Macarena (Seville) and Hospital Clínic (Barcelona) this training platform for the surgical training in the frame of a the workshop 2nd MelaTx Workshop.

25 surgeons from all around Spain (10 hospitals from 10  cities) participated in the Course on 7 experimental platforms.

The training platform SENTISIM, combines a physical devices that emulate the human anatomy of the surgical field and the computer support used in real surgery.

This workshop is oriented to the selective biopsy of the sentinel ganglion, but the presence of some representatives of one partner of the Consortium helps our project dissemination, as many surgeons are more and more aware of the potential use of robotics and related technologies for training and assisted surgery.

On top of that, training and supervising platform provides data for analysis of the surgeon sequence of actions.

Albert Hernansanz, Tomás Pieras and Alicia Casals from UPC attended the workshop and partecipated in the development of the physical phantoms, the sensing and detector device and the software for guidance and as interface for monitoring the surgeons actions.



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