In this area you can find all DOCUMENTS, MATERIALS and DELIVERABLES of public use related to the SARAS project.

Usage rights

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All rights reserved. All copyright for this Web site are owned in full by the SARAS Project.

Permission is granted to download or print material published on this site for personal use only. Its use for any other purpose, and in particular its commercial use or distribution, is strictly forbidden in the absence of prior written approval.

Please address your requests for approval to:

Dr. Riccardo Muradore

Department of Computer Science


established in VIA DELL ARTIGLIERE, 8 VERONA 37129 Italy



Notwithstanding this requirement, material may be downloaded or printed for use in connection with scientific work and reports and press reports on the activities of the SARAS Project and its partners, on condition that the following terms are complied with:

  • No alterations may be made to pictorial content, with the exception of framing modifications to emphasize the central motive.
  • The source must be quoted and two free reference copies must be sent to the above-mentioned address. Such usage is free of charge.

SARAS’ Communication kit:

SARAS' Logos

Logo Pack


SARAS Brochure 3 ante A4 -CMYK

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